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Richard and the Young Lions would like to thank:

Bob and Marie Freedman -- First we want to thank Bob for being one of the original Young Lions. Next we want to thank both Bob and his wife Marie for donating their collection of photographs to the site - specifically the pictures of The Original Kounts, and most of the pictures of RYL from their heyday. And finally for his organizational skills & memory which has helped clarify so much of the RYL story..

Stevie Van Zandt -- for his excitement ,energy ,and his beliefs in garage music ,and for the support he has given this band

Jon Weiss -- for his love of garage music in it's raw form,and for helping this band in the early stages by giving us musical direction and support

Lenny Kaye -- for doing such an outstanding job on Nuggets and for all the positive things said during introductions at our gigs

Pat St. John -- For being one of our biggest fans and friends, and for promoting us on the radio every chance he gets!

Dave the Rave -- For being a huge fan, and regularly playing RYL music on his radio show!1

Lawrence Brown -- songwriter supreme who wrote all those great songs for this band and who is now back in the fold writing for us again...we love you Larry

Elizabeth Lowe -- For donating her photographs of the Maxwells 2000 comback show

Paisley at WNYU -- who brought us in the studio and let us play our hearts out to his listeners

Clark Besch - who with his brother, has provided the band with more memorabilia then we EVER could have hoped for..And it just keeps coming in!

Thomas Wright -- who worked so hard on designing our lion logo.....a great artist

Michael Banadyga & Chris Belucci -- for busting their ass for the band at our shows.

Steve Chappell - for finding the 1969 Pat St. John audio clip introducing "Open Up Your Door"

All of our fans -- who just keep showing up and support us.

Our engineers -- who help with our sound at our gigs and do so with enthusiasm

James Hannon -- who designed our web site, became a fan, a friend, and loved every minute of it

And if we missed ya, please contact us and remind us!!

we love you all
---= Richard and the Young Lions =---

Now for the Individual Thank Yous

World Famous Twig would like to thank on behalf of the band:

Miriam and Billy, for telling me people gave a crap about us
Jon Weiss for the steering and soooo much more
The Blairs for being friends and super-fans
Elizabeth , Mr Shor, and the BOMP Listers
My brother Stevie for making us believe we can be great again
My friend Hilton Valentine from the Animals -
A man, along with his band, that inspired every garage band in America including us

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