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January 15th, 2008

Thanks to Original RYL-er Bob Freedman and his excellent research skills, we found a aircheck from Jerry Goodwin RYL aircheck from WKNR in Detroit back in Aug 23rd, 1966.

Click here to hear the aircheck

April 30th, 2006

Thanks to Denny Carleton who sent us an interview clip of Richard Tepp from Denny's radio show "The Cleveland Music Connection"

Click here to hear the interview

It is about 30 minutes long with Denny, Richard and Cleveland disc jockey Chris Quinn. It was great for us to hear Richard's voice and personality again in this clip...
-----And for those of you who hit this page - a special treat - 3 of the 6 original RYL songs are played in this interview...

If you like the interview, please check out Denny's website and his music at www.dennycarleton.com - theres some real gems in there if you like to hear good music and interviews!


Steven Van Zandt & Pat St. John Audio Pages

Since our Sounds page was getting packed full of clips from these two great RYL friends & DJ's, we decided to give each of them their own Audio Page..

July 24th, 2005

We found an old October 1966 WEAM radio commercial for a Richard and the Young Lions gig in Alexandria, VA !!

Hear the MP3 here!

Little bit of trivia here...
This gig marked the first public appearance of Larry Smith as a Young Lion. If you have the RYL Documentary, one of the Extras on the DVD has Larry telling an amusing "wardrobe malfunction" incident that happened at this gig.

We also found this clip of Jack Armstrong playing "Open Up Your Door" in Cleveland... Listen for an advertisement for Otto's Grotto - a popular Cleveland club frequented by RYL members when they were in town! One specific time they were personal guests of Bob Seger and the Last Heard.

Hear that Mp3 here.


Hear RYL perform the acoustic versions of
their original songs as performed live on WNYU's
"Plastic Tales from the Marshmallow Dimension"!

For best results, right click on the song name and then "save as"

Hear the entire RYL interview on WYNU by clicking here

Click here for Louie V's Jan. 19th 2002 interview with Dave the Rave's "Relics & Rarities" radio show on WPDQ-FM and simulcast on the Internet.

Hear Louie tell Dave about all the good things coming for Richard & the Young Lions!


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