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Little Steven Sounds
This section is dedicated to: Little Steven's Underground Garage Radio Show
and any on-air mentions of Richard and the Young Lions!

If I miss any, send em to us at info@lantern-media.com

2006-01-09 - Little Steven
Our very own Twig, doing his best Walter Winchell impersonation, has a part in an Underground Garage skit called "Mr Downtown" as the "Narrator". Also starring Steven and Maureen Van Zandt, and Vincent "Big Pussy" pastore.

After playing "You Can Make It" on his radio show, Steven talks about missing Richard Tepp - Who he calls "One of the greatest voices in Garage Rock" and promises to get the RYL CD out this year for sure.

2004-01-18 - Little Steven - 2004 will be the year of RYL -
Steven talks up the upcoming CD and predicts 2004 will be the year of Richard and the Young Lions.

2003-03-30 - Litttle Steven-The New RYL CD -
Steven talks up the new RYL CD - Exciting stuff!

2002-07-21 - Litttle Steven-The Definition of Garage
How does Little Steven define Garage??? Listen here to find out!

2002-06-16 - Litttle Steven-The Savage Beat
Little Steven tells about RYL's new CD after playing Open Up Your Door

2002-04-21 - Litttle Steven
Little Steven talks a little about RYL right after playing Open Up Your Door

2002-04-21 - Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan of the NY Giants tells Steven what he thinks about New Jersey's Finest - RYL, then demands to hear Open Up Your Door!

You can hear all the archives at Little Stevens website

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