Richard Tepp (1947-2004)
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"Richard and the Young Lions were AMAZING! I had read reviews of their Maxwell's show and I was expecting greatness and got it! The ultimate sing-a-long crowd pleazers in "Open Up Your Door" and "You CanMake It"! An ace selection of classic garage band covers, obscure and otherwise were killer.  As someone who saw garage bands play live in '66-'67, I can say that I've been waiting for something this great for almost 34 years. I've been to a few reunions and there were some shining moments but nothing even comes close to Richard And The Young Lions!"
- Dr. Mindburger, from Laura Markley

"Richard and the Young Lions took the stage and just exceeded all my expectations --the hype was right!!! shit, they *opened* with "open up your door" and just kept it going from there, not letting up the greatness for a moment. Excellent on every level!!!"
- Lee Sound Views

"I just wanted to say that I saw you play at Cavestomp, and it was like a DREAM COME TRUE! Not only where you guys my fave band of Cavestomp, but undoubtably one of the best bands I've ever seen live in my whole life!"
- Glynis

"I caught you guys for a second time last Saturday Night at Cavestomp, and thought your set was bloody fantastic. And what a cool way that was to kick it off with the Harry Harrison tape. . I know I'll be there if you do some more NYC area  gigs."
- Michael Lynch


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