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Little Steven's Garage Festival 2004


Other Acts and Celebrities at the Festival

Syl Sylvain & David Johannsen of the New York Dolls

Iggy Pop on Stage

Iggy Pop & David Johannsen
(from an anonymous fan)

The Pretty Things

Bruce Springsteen with
RYL photographer Linda B

The Electric Prunes'
???? and James Lowe

Nicky (center) of the
Star Spangles

Muck and the Mires

Backstage with the Fleshtones

Bo Diddley on Stage

Bo Diddley on the Big Screen

Bo Diddley's Backup Band

The Electric Prunes

The Electric Prunes'
Mark Tulin

The Electric Prunes

Muck and Tom of the
Swinging Neckbreakers

Little Steven conferring with
Ed "Kookie" Byrnes

The Electric Prunes
on stage

Wally of the Romantics and
Kid Leo

The High Dials
from Canada

Tommy of the
Star Spangles

Jeff of the
Swinging Neckbreakers

Performer from the
Backstage Side Show

Kim Fowley

Those beautiful Go-Go Girls!

After the show, RYL friend Dave the Rave, sent out a special song to webmaster James
in honor of these pictures on his weekly radio show at

Here is the link to that sound clip

Miscellaneous Stage Pix

Photos courtesy of: Alexandra, Linda Barbalinardo, James Hannon, & Shelly Riff
Also thanx to the anonymous fan who sent in that awesome David Johannsen/Iggy Pop Picture

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