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Garage Fest Pictures - Page 1
Richard and the Young Lions at the show

The Line-Up

After the festival, RYL friend Dave the Rave interviewed Louie and Twig
on his weekly radio show at topshelfoldies.com

Here is the link to Louie's interview
Here is the link to Twig's interview

Louie Vlahakes
on Lead Guitar

The Twig
on Drums & Vocals

Fred Randall (Screen)
on Bass

Mike Fornatale (screen)
on Guitar & Vocals

Rick Robinson (white shirt)
on Keyboards & Vocals

Shelly Riff
On Percussions & Vocals

Richard & the Young Lions!

Special Guest Singer:
Casey Tepp
(Richard's son)

View from the Stage

Miscellaneous Stage Pictures

RYL + Celebrities Pictures

Little Steven, Twig & Shelly

Nancy Sinatra & Twig

Twig & the Cocktail Slippers

Shelly, Louie, Twig with
James Lowe of the Electric Prunes

Louie, Twig, Shelly with
Mark Tulin of the Electric Prunes

Shelly with the
Electric Prunes

RYL with Jim Kerr

Little Steven & Shelly

Shelly with Kim Fowley

Webmaster James, Shelly,
Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore,
& Fred

Mike Fornatale, Twig & Muck of Muck and the Mires

RYL at a pre-Fest party

Shelly with the
Gore Gore Girls

Alexandra, Webmaster James, and Muck and the Mires

Photos courtesy of: Alexandra, Linda Barbalinardo, James Hannon, & Shelly Riff

Any corrections,etc to this page should be directed to info@lantern-media.com

Click for Page 2 of Garage Fest 2004 Pictures

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