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Legendary 60s Garage Band - Richard and the Young Lions

Richard Tepp (1947-2004)
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RYL Documentary now available!
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RYL News

Footage of Richard and the the Young Lions at the Underground Garage Festiva; has been unearthed

The Underground Garage Festival

Richard and the Young Lions | MySpace Music Videos


The Holy Grail for Richard and the Young Lions fan Has Been Found!!!

Footage of the band from a Sept 1966 episode of Swingin' Time with Robin Seymour (Detroit TV show) has been unearthed. Finally, we can see the band in their prime...and not bad quality considering it's 43 years old!

Our thanks to for making this video available for exclusive use on our website.


Richard and the Young Lions 1966 performance from James Hannon on Vimeo.


We have posted a "Remembering Alan Eric Rackin" page where his friends have posted their fond memories of Eric.

You can view it here


New Pictures

Added a picture of RYL's Twig, Steven Van Zandt, and legendary Rolling Stones Producer and SIRIUS DJ Andrew Loog Oldham at the Little Steven Underground Garage Show at Irving Plaza 9/21/06

Check out: RYL Celebrity Page


RYL Videos now on for ease of viewing!

Wow -- It's been quite a while since we updated the site... We're still waiting to announce when our CD is being released, but it is still going to happen soon!!

Our update for today is our gift to all you RYL fans out there!

We are starting to put all our videos on - So far we have seven of them up and are adding more daily, so go check them out - Most of them are done by our documentary maker/webmaster James Hannon, but there are some on our RYL playlist from others who have a video cover of one of our songs!

Check out our videos at: - RYL Videos

See you next update which will be hopefully soon!!!


Long awaited update to the site
-but not the big one --- Yet!

It's been a while since we updated the site... We have huge news coming, but we just can't share it yet... I know we've promised before, but hopefully in the next month or so, you'll be seeing some major announcements here...

Our update for today is still pretty cool tho...

Thanks to Denny Carleton who sent us an interview clip of Richard Tepp from Denny's radio show: The Cleveland Music Connection

Click here to go to our RYL Sounds page.

It is about 30 minutes long with Denny, Richard and Cleveland disc jockey Chris Quinn. It was great for us to hear Richard's voice and personality again in this clip...

If you like the interview, please check out Denny's website and his music at - theres some real gems in there if you like to hear good music and interviews!

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